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Managed Selling Campaigns

Our Vendor advocates will prevent you from the typical pitfalls of using a real estate agent guiding you to an exceptional result.


Help Get You Property Ready For Sale

Access our trades and home stages to maximize your sale price.


Access Off Market Buyers

We own one of Melbourne's leading buyers agencies, Wise Real Estate Advice can match your property with the right off market buyer.

We will act as a middleman between the selling agent and yourself. You will never have to deal with any real estate agent.

Our advisors help prepare your property for sale, educate you on your property’s value and the local market then choose and manage a superior selling strategy. Our aim is to secure the greatest sale price for your property with the least stress and time wasted.

Vendor Advocate Melb Selling Process

Understanding Your Homes Value

  • Arrange a market appraisal of the value of your home from the 3 top selling agents in your area. 
  • A written property appraisal by a third party.
  • Taylor the best method of sale.

Getting Your Property Ready

  • Help get your property ready with our trades people.
  • Staging your home for sale.   
  • Prepare promotional photos & materials.
  • Interview 3 agents and hire the best one.

Managing The Selling Process. 

  • Promote your property off market via our network. 
  • Pass on all buyer feedback after each inspection.
  • Maximize your property’s exposure by tweaking the campaign. 
  • Work with your agent & buyers to negotiate the sale with the highest bidder.  

Qualified to help you:

  • They own property, so they know how it feels to be in your shoes.
  • Experienced in theoretical and practical sales strategy.
  • Educated by Melbourne’s biggest real estate brands. 
  • Fully licensed real estate agents.
  • Members of the Real Estate Institute Of Victoria.

We make sure real estate agents don’t take advantage.

  • Over Inflate the value of your home to win your business.
  • Use commission boosters unfairly to gain a higher rate of pay.
  • Over sell you on advertising, promoting the agency rather then the best package for you.
  • Use a high pressure selling strategies that will push you into selling. 

How We Achieve A Better Price. 

  • Qualify the best agent based on their recent record.
  • Access off market buyers leveraging our buyers agency, Wise Real Estate Advice. 
  • Getting the campaign right from launch,  aligning property presentation, the right agent & advertising. 
  • We work with your agent for a better result. 

How much do we charge? 

At Vendor Advocate Melb, we offer both a commission-based model and a fixed rate model. As a seller, you have the choice to decide between either of our models depending on what is right for you. We offer two payment models, a traditional commision share model or a fixed fee model. More info on fees. 

Access Off Market Listings

As well as being vendor advocates, we also own Wise Real Estate Advice – a buyer’s agency. When using our services at Vendor Advocate Melb, you have the added benefit of connecting with buyers that are looking to purchase a private listing through WREA. For more info on off market follow the link. 

Selling property has many facets that needs to be understood when aiming for an exceptional result. Real estate agents have a well-practiced knowledge in selling strategy, how to get increase a buyers bid and most importantly how to lower a vendors selling price.

At Vendor Advocates Melb, we take great pride in the number and the enthusiasm of the positive customer reviews that we receive.

Our Missions Statement: To deliver a unique and unmatched vendor advocacy service and provide our clients with dedicated support in order to assist them in achieving prosperity and success in selling their home. Check out what our clients have to say via our review page.

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