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An off-market listing is also known as a silent listing or off-market real estate. This is a term that is used to define a property that is for sale without public advertising.

The vendors of these listings are typically motivated sellers that are usually looking for a quick sale or a sale with special terms.

Accessibility to off-market listings is most common with buyer’s agents and real estate agents. Many people choose to enlist the services of a buyer’s agent because of their access to a wide array of properties off-market. When selling off-market through a vendor advocate, you will have access to these particular buyers who are searching to buy a property off-market.



Benefits to the Vendor


In many cases, real estate agents will advise against an off-market sale. This is generally done by the agencies because they advise that a public campaign will ensure a higher selling price for the vendor. However, what they fail to mention is that a public sale will also bring exposure and advertisement to the agency, meaning they are generally incentivised to steer away from recommending a private listing.

There are, of course, benefits to the vendor when deciding to take the private listing route.

  • No open homes or auctions
  • No real estate agent conditioning
  • Your privacy is protected as there is no public advertising of your home
  • Real estate agents do not earn commission payments. The sale is free.


A networks of off-market buyers


Vendor’s Advocate Melb are highly skilled and qualified agents with extensive experience in the Melbourne market. We understand our clients and what they want, and we can advocate for you in the selling of your private listed home.

As well as being vendor advocates, we also own Wise Real Estate Advice – a buyer’s agency. At WREA, we have a strong network in the inner city, northern suburbs, eastern suburbs, and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our strong relationships in the industry have given us opportunities to advocate for buyers of private listings. Many of our buyers are interested in a private sale. When using our services at Vendor Advocate Melb, you have the added benefit of connecting with buyers that are looking to purchase a private listing through WREA. The worry of not finding buyers with a private sale will be eliminated – you can rest assured that our strong relationship with buyers will ensure your private sale is stress-free.


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