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At Vendor Advocate Melb, we offer both a commission-based model and a fixed rate model. As a seller, you have the choice to decide between either of our models depending on what is right for you.



This is our commission-based model, which is a commission share with the selling agent. This model is also known as a Conjunction Fee or Referral Fee.


With this model, there is no direct cost to the home seller, but instead the cost takes a percentage of the real estate agent’s fees. When selling your property, the real estate agent will take a percentage of the sale as commission for selling your home. With our commission-based model, we work with the real estate agent to agree upon a shared percentage of the commission. Essentially, our vendor advocates split the commission earned on the selling of your home with the selling agent.

Because the percentage is shared in this model, the selling agent will earn less commission overall.



Model 2: FIXED FEE


This second model works on a fixed fee regardless of what your property is worth. The fixed fee we charge at Vendor Advocate Melb is $3000. What differentiates this model from the previous one is that the fee is charged to the seller on top of the selling agent’s commission, meaning the commission is not split between the selling agent and the vendor advocate. Overall, this pricing model will ensure more money is earned by the selling agent.


Understanding which model to choose may be daunting. That’s why at Vendor Advocate Melb, we are committed to helping you find the best option when selling your home. We advocate for you, and we do not affiliate ourselves with the real estate agencies, meaning we work only for you and your benefit.

Additional Services

Along with our vendor advocacy services, we also provide additional services to the seller dependant on a case-by-case basis. Some of our additional services include:


Property Staging

When selling a home, especially a vacant one, you might use a property staging service to entice buyers to your home. Not only do they turn an empty space into a liveable one – they also understand how to play to the strengths of your home and highlight the favourable features of a space. A staging service can elevate your space with modern furnishings and artwork to attract a wide array of buyers, subsequently achieving a higher final sale price.

If, as a seller, you wish to use a property staging service, we have affiliated ourselves with one of Melbourne’s best property staging companies: Staged Homes. When using our advocacy services, you have access to Staged Homes’ impeccable attention to detail and passion for elevating your space. Prices for using this staging service depend on the size of your home and how much furniture will be needed for your space.


Furniture Storage/Rubbish Removal

Another service we provide is the removal of furniture and clutter in your home. We can organise rubbish removal to clear out unnecessary goods or, if you wish, we are able to organise storage for anything you wish to keep, making the selling process fuss-free for you.


Repairs and Renovation


Having a renovated home can add exceptional value to your property. How much you wish to renovate is up to you – even small jobs like updating handles, installing new blinds, or applying a fresh coat of paint can really freshen up your space and give it a modern look.

It’s also important to consider any damages your home might currently have. It might be wise to patch up any holes, fix any leaks or repair any faults before listing your home. Buyers will pay a higher price knowing the home is in good condition.

Whether you want to do a full renovation or smaller patch-jobs, Vendor Advocate Melb is here for you. We can organise for you a renovation service that will transform your space and attract a higher selling price from buyers.

A vendor advocate will work hard for you to secure the best possible price for your property, representing you all the way through. Our vendor advocates are fully licensed real estate agents that are highly skilled with many years of experience in the industry, ensuring you receive only the best service when selling your home.


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