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The truth revealed: What no Real Estate Agent wants to tell you about auctions. 

Think a house auction is the best option for you? When you learn about all the facts that real estate agents won’t share, you may think twice about auctions.

10 examples of real estate agent lies

Not all real estate agents will be honest with you from the get-go. Read our guide on real estate agent lies to safeguard yourself.

Real estate agent fees Melbourne: What are you really paying for?

Ever wonder why some real estate agent fees in Melbourne are so different? It all comes down to local competition, marketing used, and commission rates.

Keeping agents accountable. 

It’s important to understand why real estate agents behave badly, we study their environment & how vendor advocates bring balance to the selling process.

10 warning signs you hired the wrong real estate agent

Not all Real Estate Agents are created equal. To safeguard your property sale make sure your next real estate agent doesn’t show these warning signs.

Understanding Underquoting

An agent is underquoting the selling price of a property if they make or publish a statement about its price that is less than their reasonable estimate of the property’s likely selling price.

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