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Selling your property is a big move. It takes a lot of careful thought and consideration. In some cases, it can be a very emotional decision. Here at Vendor Advocate Melb, we understand how hard this decision can be. That’s why we take the utmost care in choosing a real estate agent to help sell your property for you. 


Using the right real estate agent is very crucial for the success of your property. Ideally, you want a property sale to be stress-free and profitable. With so many real estate agents out there, we find it’s often difficult for our customers to choose one that’s the right fit for them. It’s one of the reasons why we help our customers choose a real estate agent who has all the right credentials. 


With years of experience behind us, we have plenty of ways to screen potential candidates for your next real estate agent. Part of our screening process involves asking the right questions. Without further ado, here are just some of the questions we use to help you find the best real estate agent for your property sale: 


What’s your preferred method for selling this property?

There are three common methods for selling a property today. Your real estate agent will give you the option of a private treaty sale, tender, or auction. Each of these methods has their own benefits. The truth is that the best option will often depend on how the local property market is performing. It can also depend on the time of year and the type of property you’re looking to sell. 


By asking a real estate agent their preferred selling method we can begin to understand how they make decisions about your property. By reviewing their selling strategy we can determine if they have your best interests in mind. 


How would you advertise and promote this property?

In a lot of cases, a great marketing campaign is crucial for a successful property sale. Marketing can be the difference between selling a property or getting zero bids at an auction. Another essential question we ask candidates is what they would do with your marketing campaign. Would they recommend online, print or social media advertising? 


There are so many different ways to approach a marketing campaign. A real estate agent’s choice can say a lot about what they know about the local market. What we really look for is a real estate agent’s approach, how organised they are with their campaign outline, and their estimated costs for the campaign. With all this information available we are able to make a more informed decision for you. 


Is now a good time to sell?

This question is on the minds of everyone when they consider selling a property and it’s for good reason. Knowing the right timing can reveal a lot about what a real estate agent really knows about the local property market. A good real estate agent should always be open and honest about answering this question. Don’t expect every agent to tell you now is the right time to sell. Some will be honest enough to reveal that you may have to wait up to three or four months for the market to pick up again.


When we ask potential real estate agents, we try to get them to reveal how the market has performed in the last 12 months, what buyer types are more active in the local area, and what type of activity they think will come out of your selling campaign. A good real estate agent should be able to provide you with estimates and reveal the advantages of selling at certain times of the year. If they recommend selling over 4 months from now this can be a sign of their integrity and professionalism. 



What are your recent results like?

Any honest real estate agent should be able to reveal to you their current track record for selling properties. We always ask real estate agents for numbers around their recent sales along with statistics. We also ask for customer reviews and testimonials. In some cases, we will even go as far as asking for contact details of references. It’s one of the best ways of getting an open and honest review. 


Before we even reach out to a real estate agent one of the first things we do is look at their recent results for a certain suburb. This is often a good indicator of their local expertise and whether they have a competitive edge over other agents in the area. 


How much do you charge?

This may seem like an obvious question but it’s one that also reveals to us how a real estate agent goes about their business. Some real estate agents are not extremely honest when it comes to pricing. We look for real estate agents that are transparent with what their services include and how much everything is priced. 


Items to look out for include the total cost it will take to sell, what their selling commission is, marketing costs and other related fees. If a real estate agent can’t provide an accurate breakdown or estimate of how much they charge then we often see this as a red flag. That’s why we ask for a detailed quote or summary. With accurate quotes available, we are able to make easy comparisons between some of the best local real estate agents available in your local area. 


Why should I hire you?

Asking this question of real estate agents can yield some very interesting answers. This is a question we use to help us reveal an agent’s true nature. We believe a real estate agent should be able to confidently reveal their reasons. We are looking for a number of responses in order to narrow down the right real estate agent for you. 


When we ask this question we’re also hoping to discover how well they can relay information to you. An agent should have the ability to convert real estate industry jargon into easy-to-understand terms and descriptions. At the end of the day, we ask questions like this so you’ll have someone you can entrust for one of the biggest transactions of your life. 



Do you still have doubts about choosing the right real estate agent?

So just like us, don’t be afraid to ask the big questions when it comes to choosing a real estate agent. If you still have doubts or concerns about choosing a real estate agent, then why not seek professional help? It’s just one of the many reasons why vendor advocates like ourselves are here. We want to provide you with as much support as we can so you can get the best result for your property sale.


Here at Vendor Advocate Melb, we have helped many property sellers achieve great results. It comes down to many choices including the right real estate agent. If you’re curious to see how else a vendors advocate can help you, then get in touch with us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the process of using a vendor advocate to help you through this challenging time of selling a property.


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